2012 Donation Total

Following up on Joe’s post yesterday regarding the “Team” part of our name, and Brian’s suggestion (in the comments) that maybe it’s the “Race” part we should rethink, I thought it would be a good time to update people on how much money we raised for charity last year by… umm… racing.

Remember, for every dollar you spend on race entry fees (any kind of race); Fiera Biological Consulting will make a matching donation to your choice of 7 different charities (those one’s on the right of the screen).  All the details are in the About Us page, and reported races are in the Results tab above.  The only catch is that you have to commit to donate any race winnings to charity as well, and commit to race in at least one event.

Last year, we raised a total of $2,486 and I think a six pack of Kokenee for charity.  Not too shabby.  The crazy thing is, we could have raised even more, if people were more diligent in reporting their races.  A close look at last year’s results suggest that only Corey raced any ‘cross — common, he’s not the only hardman/hardwoman among us!  So I will also take this opportunity to remind folks that if you don’t report your race, you won’t send any cash to a deserving charity.  So don’t procrastinate!




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