Hello from Vienna

Our winter here felt more like Edmontonian spring, although there were few chilly and windy (Vienna is a surprisingly windy city) days too. I think we skied not more than 10 times. Nevertheless, Jan managed to take part in the most famous cx-sking race in the Czech republic – Jizerska 50s. He put the hammer down and showed what he learned in Canada. Otherwise we have been more into running. We participated in a couple of 10km races close to our home town in the Czech republic. Jan was always in the top ten – usually on his favorite 4th place. I was not that fast but at least I could show off my Fiera race jacket in front of the other Czech lady runners. Jan is now training for the Prague international marathon and keeps complaining how slow he is. This race is in May. In September, we’re going to run Ulm Marathon, because I stupidly said that if I get the Humboldt scholarship and we move to Ulm, we’ll run it together. So now I have to start training because we’re moving there in April. Jan and his brother are also organizing a 10km and a 5km run race in our little hometown in September. Here’s a link for more info: here. It would be great if you could advertise it in North America and especially if you could get the Fiera race team to participate.

That’s a brief update about our sport achievements and we’re keen to hear how life in Edmonton is. We miss you guys!


Lenka and Jan


One response to “Hello from Vienna

  1. We miss you too, Lenka and Jan. Especially Murphy. I am glad you are still racing the colours.

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