The Alberta Race Scene for 2014 has broke away early!!!

Winter bike races have not been a common occurrence in Alberta during my decade+ of racing. However, a couple seasons ago the Devon Bicycle Association hosted the Blizzard Bike Race, which is looking forward to its third annual race this February! For some perspective on this race check out our Blog from 2012.

This year Juventus also hosted, on January 5, a fun little cyclocross race, the Waffle Cross, in minus 27 C weather, expecting optimistically, that maybe 20 racers would brave the cold – over 50 riders showed up, myself included.  It was awesome.  The race lasted less than 15 minutes, and was an all out sprint and great anerobic test for the pre season training.  There were mountain bikes, ‘cross bikes, fat bikes and run bikes; there were old guys, older guys, young guys, younger guys, women, and children; fast riders, slow riders, riders who used-to-be fast, and riders that never quite got fast.   This was my first winter bike race, but I sure hope it won’t be my last. And it looks like there is no reason it should be, as another winter bike race has popped up on the schedule.  Check out Life in the Fat Lane, scheduled for January 18 in Calgary.

Now, for some of us, it is not all bike, all the time, and so I don’t want to conclude this little blog without reminding folks that registration is still open for the Canadian Birkebeiner Cross-counry Ski event on February 7-8, 2014.

So, to sum up, lets just say that there is lots of winter left, but that is no reason not to get stoked for racing in 2014 – it has begun. Don’t get left behind.  You can get your Alberta Bicycle Race license now, and will be able to register for Fiera Race Team soon.  Standby for an update on that.

And so: On your mark. Get set. Happy 2014.



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