Canada Day Criterium – July 1st

This just in from Fiera’s Sugar Boddy

“Looking for something to do on Canada Day? Consider coming to the Canada Day Cycling Race in Lendrum (11335 57 Ave NW).

Highlights include:
· BBQ and Beer Gardens to support the Lendrum Playground rebuild. Drink beer and help the children!
· Watch me in the Cat 5 race (aka Crash 5) trying to keep the rubber side down this year.
· Enter your kid(s) in the 1 :15 pm kids race for FREE (includes a free burger and pop)
· Watch the insanely fast Cat 1/2 riders reach speeds of 50 km/hr+ at 2:30 pm

Lendrum Community League (11335 57 Ave NW)

Feel free to pass this info on. It would be great to see lots of kids racing and adults drinking beer …for the kids.”

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 1.24.58 PMEditor’s Notes: I feel it important to make mention of a couple of items of information since not all of our readers completely knowledgable on the subject of competitive cycling, or the long history that Cory Sugar Boddy has with the sport. 1) The kind of race spectators will have the pleasure of witnessing if they come out to the race on Canada Day, is a Criterium; this name is derived from latin, and means crazy – you can read more about my strong feelings about criteriums here. 2) I don’t know if Cory Sugar Boddy has ever actually finished one of these crazy races. If recall correctly, last Canada Day, he skidded on his back down the pavement for a block or two before hitting a curb and ending up on the side-walk (see photo below).  3) These races are spectator friendly, and you should come out and cheer Cory on.  4) There are a few more details about this year’s race here.

Cory Sugar Boddy and others keeping the rubber side down in typical criterium fashion.

Cory Sugar Boddy and others keeping the rubber side down in typical criterium fashion at last year’s Canada Day race. 


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