About Us

Are you interested in racing in the spirit of competition, health, and fitness, while raising money for charity?

If so, you should consider joining the Fiera Race Team!

What is the FIERA RACE TEAM?

The mission of the Fiera Race Team is three-fold:

  1. To promote high intensity physical activity through human-powered racing.
  2. To be inclusive and “grassroots”. By attracting a mix of experienced racers across multiple disciplines, and welcoming new and less experienced members, we hope to create an environment where like-minded people can find the support and inspiration they need lead a healthy and active lifestyle, and to experience the joy and personal fulfillment that competition creates.  So whether your training goals include finishing an Ironman triathalon, advancing a category in competitive cycling, or competing in your first 5km fun run/walk, this may be the club for you.
  3. To harness the power and energy of recreational and competitive racing to make the world a better place by generating donations for the following charities:

Sounds good! Who can join?

Anyone. The only catch is that you have to commit to racing in at least one race during the year, and you have to agree to donate any cash prizes that you win to one of the charities that the Fiera Race Team supports.

How else are the donations generated?

The Fiera Race Team is sponsored by Fiera Biological Consulting, a small multidisciplinary consulting firm based in Edmonton, Alberta.  Fiera focuses on biological and environmental research that contributes to the integration of industrial development and resource management, with a particular focus on wildlife and biodiversity.

They are also a group of amateur athletes, and when they aren’t working outside, they are playing outside. At every opportunity, they get together with friends to cycle, run, ski, paddle, swim and they know first-hand the power of sport and play in improving the quality of lives. As such, Fiera Biological has pledged to match the race entry fee of any Fiera Race Team member and donate that amount to any of the charities listed above.

That’s it—members race and society benefits.

What if I am already part of racing team of some kind?

We don’t want to steal any runners or riders from existing clubs, so if you are already getting what you need from another club, great – maybe we will see you at the starting line. However, aside from offering our members the opportunity to contribute to a cause they believe in, we also offer support to members who are interested in a variety of sports, from mountain biking, to orienteering, to running, swimming, and skiing. So, if you are already a member of another cycling club, no problem – but maybe you want to join us and learn how to ski.

Okay, so how do I join?

The 2012 membership fee is $75, which includes an Alberta Bicycle Association affiliation, a cool team jersey, and lots of organized group rides.

For more details on the 2014 season, click here.

And what do I do to make sure my racing efforts result in a donation to my chosen charity?

Just provide us with a copy of your receipt for the race entry and whenever possible, a copy of the results for the event. Then leave it to us.

I have more questions! How do I find out more?

Contact the Fiera Race Team (racing[at]fieraconsulting.ca) with any questions.