Fiera Race Team /  Aerobic Power BBQ

Gang! We are going to have a BBQ! Below are the details in a nutshell:

Sunday, May 1st, 2016. There is a Spring Series race earlier that day, but we will try and time things so that keeners can do both, the race AND the BBQ!
Alternatively, Sunday is a great day for getting out for non-racy-type riding as well, and we think there is an opportunity to do both, ride AND BBQ. In fact, what we want to encourage is for people to ride TO the BBQ. Thats why Cory and Gill have volunteered to provide beer, burgers, and hotdogs for the event — so you don’t have to to squeeze a six-pack, a bag of buns, and a package of wieners into your jersey pocket with your spare tube and multi-tool. If someone wants to organize an unofficial group ride over to Cory’s and Gill’s place, and time it (start around 1:30 ish) so they arrive around 3pm, the grill should be hot, and the coors light should be cold, by then. Non-alcoholic beverages will also be available, however their temperature will depend on how much room there is in the cooler after the beer goes in. If you want to bring your own favourite brand of beer, and something like a salad or a desert, or even your family and well behaved dog, that’s cool, so long as you have room in your jersey pocket.

Oh yeah, the nutshell:

Fiera / Aerobic Power BBQ
Sunday, May 1st, starting around 3:pm
Location will be at 5827 – 113B Street (AKA Cory and Gill’s house).
Families are welcome including children and well-behaved dogs (inference: leave your cats at home please!).
Burgers and Hot Dogs and the typical condiments (K.M.R.) will be provided (Thanks Cory and Gill).
Coors Light and generic soft drinks will also be provided (Thanks Cory and Gill) (if you prefer something else, you are welcome to BYO).
Impromptu and potentially unguided ride to start at 1:30 pm for those interested.
Keeners can race the Spring series starting at 1 pm and join the BBQ afterwards
Spring Series bike race information found here.

RSVP to me please via email: doggoneriding[at], so we know approximate beer and burger #s!

IMG_3247Aerobic Power Logo


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