Group Rides, 2016 (AB)

2016 Mountain Bike Group rides are on Wednesdays, beginning May 4th, 2016; see details below!

2016 Road Ride Group Rides begin Thursday, May 5th, 2016; see details below! 

Come to this page to get the latest on the Group Ride Schedule. If you have questions about rides, email Joe at doggoneriding[AT]gmail . com


Option 1) 

Wednesday Mountain Bike, meet at 6:30 PM – A motivated, fun, intermediate to advanced mountain bike ride, (but sometimes cyclocross ride- depends on our mood and the weather).

Meet at Mill Creek Pool, and be prepared for 2 to 3 hours of riding, bring food, water, warms, spare tube, tool, and a pump. Everyone must sign a waiver.

Ride Leader: Derek McKenzie



Option 2)


Thursday Structured Road Ride, Meet at 6:30 PM. – Beginning May 5th, 2016 with Aerobic Power – An all-abilities ride lead by the professionals from Aerobic Power. These rides are scheduled to begin on May 5th, and will start from various locations in/near Edmonton, at 6:30pm: Watch our Facebook, and/or your inbox for the announcement of each week’s starting location.

We really expect these rides to accommodate all abilities. Fast riders will be grouped together and confronted with a challenging workout designed to make them faster. Less experienced riders will be grouped together and challenged with a skill level appropriate ride. Big thanks to our sponsor, Aerobic Power, for inviting us along on these rides! More the merrier….join us.

Ride Leader: Aerobic Power


Beers and socializing after rides are never discouraged.


Some notes about group rides:

1) Group Ride Information. Come to this page to find out about up-coming rides, and to see if a ride has been cancelled for any reason. If you have questions about rides, email Joe at doggoneriding[AT]

2) RSVP SVP. If you are planning on attending one of our group rides it’s not a bad idea to send us an email saying so…that way the ride leaders are more likely to wait a few minutes if you happen to be running late. It will also give us an idea about what type/intensity/duration of ride to prepare for, and make sure we have enough ride leaders etc.. Also, you need a helmet and a bell; this is mandatory.

3) Waivers. We have prepared a waiver for group rides which ride leaders will be requiring all riders to sign. It is basically acknowledging that cycling is dangerous, and stuff could happen, and if stuff does happen you won’t hold the club, its sponsors, its volunteers, or its executives liable in any way. Pretty standard. Sign it once for the season.

4) Stuff to Bring. If you are coming on a group ride, aside from a bicycle and a helmet, this list is the minimum you should bring to be prepared:

  • tire pump, spare tube, and bike tool
  • water and a snack
  • rain jacket
  • Helmet and a bell are manditory

5) A group of riders does NOT equal a group ride. According to requirements imposed on us by the ABA, we must register our group activities with them in advance.  Only registered activities attended by Fiera Club Members, or individuals “trying out” for the club are covered by the ABA’s insurance policy(s).   Individuals may organize “unofficial group rides”  with other FRT club members or non-members, and use our mailing list and Facebook page to organize these rides, but they do so understanding that they are not protected by the Club’s insurance, and that the ABA and Fiera Race Team, its organizers, and sponsors accept no liability for any mishap or negligence that may occur during, or as a result of these rides.


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